2006 LinuxQuestions.org Members Choice Award Winners Announced

The polls are closed, the data has been audited and the results are in. Here are the official results for the 2006 LinuxQuestions.org Members Choice Awards:
Distribution of the Year – Ubuntu (26.44%)
Live Distribution of the Year – Knoppix (26.22%)
Browser of the Year – Firefox (74.61%)
Database of the Year – MySQL (61.68%)
Office Suite of the Year – OpenOffice.org (89.79%)
Desktop Environment of the Year – KDE (56.58%)
Video Media Player Application of the Year – mplayer (41.93%)
Video Authoring Application of the Year – Kino (27.81%)
Audio Media Player Application of the Year – amaroK (57.07%)
Audio Authoring Application of the Year – Audacity (67.07%)
Multimedia Utility of the Year – K3b (69.51%)
Messaging Application of the Year – Gaim (51.52%)
Window Manager of the Year – Fluxbox (21.44%)
IDE of the Year – Eclipse (34.47%)
Mail Client of the Year – Thunderbird (52.74%)
Text Editor of the Year – vi/vim (38.42%)
Graphics Application of the Year – GIMP (65.60%)
Security Application of the Year – nmap (20.94%)
Windows on Linux App of the Year – Wine (50.10%)
Web Development Editor of the Year – Quanta (36.34%)
Shell of the Year – bash (89.45%)

A big congratulations to all the projects that were nominated this year. We once again had a record turnout, so a thank you is in order for the LQ members who make initiatives like this such a success. For winners, a certificate and site badge will be available soon. As always, the full results will be available at http://www.linuxquestions.org/awards until the nominees for next year are announced. As with most polls, a number of winners were fairly easy to guess ahead of time. Many polls were closer than in past years, which I think is indicative of the increasing number of quality projects OSS is putting out. The number of quality projects out there is truly impressive. The biggest surprise for me was probably how close Beryl came to beating Fluxbox, but looking at this chart maybe I shouldn't be surprised. As always, if you have any questions or feedback please do let me know.

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