Quick OpenID Update

A quick follow-up to this post. OpenID has really been on fire the last month or so. Support from the likes of AOL and Microsoft have been announced, a future version of Firefox will likely support it and Yahoo! has a sort of unofficial support for it. As my previous post announced, the LQ Wiki will be the first LQ site to support logging in via OpenID. This should be implemented by next month. After chatting with Evan on the topic at LinuxWorld, I am also considering the possibility of LQ becoming an OpenID server. This would allow you to use your LQ credentials to login to any site that consumes OpenID. One question I have is – is this something people would be interested in? There are plenty of free OpenID services available, so I want to think carefully before proceeding unnecessarily. If you're unfamiliar with OpenID and are interested, you can visit the official site and this simplified explanation. The one main issue I see with OpenID is the potential for phishing exploits, which is well explained here. Hopefully the next revision of the spec will address this issue.

One Response to Quick OpenID Update

  1. Anonymous says:

    Personally, I'd be interested. However, that said, I was also interested in MS's Passport idea, but that seems to still only work for MS sites since nobody else has really bothered. I'd hate for this to fizzle out because of lack of interest among sites.

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