Gratis OSCON 2008 Conference Pass

Are you interested in attending OSCON this year? It’s my pleasure to inform you that LQ is able to give away one full conference pass (a $1445.00 value) absolutely free of charge. See this LQ thread for more information on how to be eligible. We’ll pick a winner on May 31st, so you don’t have much time. OSCON is always a great conference and I’m looking forward to attending once again. If you don’t win but still plan on going, use “os08linq” when you register to save 15% off the best rate at the time. Good luck and see you in Portland.


NOTE: I continue to be disappointed in the QA of WordPress. How a bug that causes all RSS feeds to break for any site who has WP in a top level folder (not exactly an edge case) could sneak into a 2.5.1 release is beyond me. I apologize if you weren’t getting updates here or at LQ Radio. If you use WP you might want to check your feed. If the issue is impacting you, you can get the patch here.