Google is at it Again – Web Analytics II

Just a quick follow up to this post. The product looks extremely cool and at the price (free) some of the competing vendors had to be quite concerned. The WebSideStory stock fell almost 15% on the news, to give you an idea of the impact this is going to have. BUT, this has to be the all time worst Google rollout ever… and the product wasn't even released as BETA. I got in early in the morning and the site was almost unusable. Got a quick site set up and it said I'd have reports in 6-12 hours. Shortly after that the site went to completely usable and then into a “maintenance” mode. I tried a little after midnight and the site was up, but really slow, and still no reports. It's now been over 36 hours and while the site is starting to get more responsive, still no reports. I can appreciate that the product is new (but not BETA) and is gratis, but this is a bit unGoogle. You think they'd be used to the high demand for new products and plan appropriately here. This is probably the worst press I've ever seen Google get. What's worse is that they've been completely mum on the topic. A quick “Sorry, we under anticipated demand and will have things working in 48 hours” would have done a whole lot to quell the hard feelings. I'll post another update when things finally start working.
7PM Update: Stil no reports, but it looks like they're coming soon.
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