Mark Cuban on Podcasting

Mark Cuban has some interesting things to say about Podcasting for business sake. He's a smart guy. What does he know about streaming over the Internet you ask? Well, he did sell to Yahoo! for about 5.7 Billion, so I'd say he knows a little. I'm glad we didn't start the LQ Podcasts with the sole goal of bringing in cash. I'd hate to be looking for a viable revenue model for that (and especially if it was that, in a vacuum). We started it to further the LQ goals – helping people with Open Source and Linux.

One Response to Mark Cuban on Podcasting

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just surfing some blogs and came across yours and the posting about Cuban Podcasting gets bigger every day and companies like Pod Shack and Odeo are going to rock the podcasting world. Pod Shack is one of the companies offering all the elements like voice overs and intros / outros that enable every podcast to compete with the Clear Channels out there by providing all the elements traditionally reserved by those with the big bucks in radio. Watch out — several companies are going to explode what we know of broadcasting today.

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