A Few Quick Updates/Comments

…none of which are really worth a dedicated post.
You may have noticed that we didn't post an LQ Radio episode last night. One of the panelists had a last minute conflict and the show has been moved to Sunday. Stay tuned.
Technorati got back to me a couple of days ago to tell me that the problem I reported to them here had been fixed. Did a little testing, and indeed it has. Thanks for being responsive and following up .
I was thinking that it would be great to have a Firefox search dropdown for LQ. Lo and behold, one exists (and was posted well over a year ago). Unfortunately, I can't get any “additional search engines” installed on the two machines I tried them on, unless I run FF as root. It appears that a fix for this has been checked in already though. Absolutely fantastic that an LQ plugin already exists.
The LinuxQuestions.org Podcast is now listed in the iTunes Podcast directory. While we're not seeing a huge spike in downloads, it's good to be listed. Still not 100% sure how they are getting that Relevancy number though.

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