SCO's Revenue Continues to Plunge

Wow, it has been a while since a SCOXE related post here. Almost hard to believe that the case is still going on. It should come as no surprise, though, that SCO's revenue continues to fall. They claim to anticipate that their UNIX business will see a turnaround with the next release, codenamed Legend, but I'll believe that when I see it. Two other interesting bits from the article. 1) McBride accused popular legal news site Groklaw of being a front for anti-SCO parties and that its editor, Pamela Jones, isn't who she says she is. They're currently “digging into who Pam Jones is, and we're close to the bottom.” Bottom of what, I'm not sure. She's someone who got interested in the case and did a lot of hard work to dig into it. 2) McBride also stated that SCO has reviewed Sun's plan to Open Source Solaris and that they are 100% OK with it. They feel that there is “no problem with what Sun is planning to do and that it will not hurt SCO's Unix intellectual property rights”. Seems a bit odd to me, but with all that has been going on with SCO, you really have to expect the unexpected.

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