Windows XP SP2 Now Required to Get Security Updates

While it comes as no surprise to me (at least from some of the reports that I have heard) that Windows XP SP2 uptake has been slow, it is surprising that Microsoft made it official that PCs must have SP2 in order for Windows XP updates and security patches to be downloaded. Considering the low percentage of XP machines that currently have SP2, is limiting the ability to install security patches really the way to go? Especially this soon? Seems you don't have a choice though, which makes me glad I don't admin 1000 corporate WinXP boxes. The thing that strikes me as odd about SP2 is that many of the XP vulnerabilities I see seem to effect machines with SP2 installed anyway. Once again…vendor lockin==bad.

One Response to Windows XP SP2 Now Required to Get Security Updates

  1. Anonymous says:

    I believe a two-tier system is now forming for those people running Windows (particularly XP) whereby those who have broadband and a valid license are able to apply security patches and those who haven't are unable to do so, their computer's eventually get subsumed into a botnet (unless they are careful or know what they are doing) and have to pay out to get it sorted (or format and re-install, either way they lose out). I was a beta tester for XP SP2 last year. They emailed me again recently and asked if I wanted to beta test Microsoft update. I still use Windows for some things and like to keep it as secure as I can so I said sure, why not. It now turns out they are also testing Windows Genuine Advantage whereby only properly licensed Windows copies get the full update range, unlicensed computers get critical fixes only via Automatic Updates. I think it can only be more good news for Linux.

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