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This is why I like blogs in general and why I read Jeremy Zawodny's blog specifically. A long time (at least by Internet standards) Yahoo! employee telling everyone how useful Google's Desktop Search just got to him. A couple snippets:
I had tried the previous version of GDS a bit, as well as the company dog food (Yahoo Desktop Search or YDS). But both lacked the ability to search the most important asset on my computer: my e-mail archive.
Being one who does not use Outlook, that meant I was on my own until now. The latest GDS release has the ability to index Thunderbird mailboxes.
This is the killer feature for me. My computer just got twice as useful. It's funny how sometimes it just takes one feature to completely change your mind about a product, isn't it?

And yes, before you ask, I have pointed out how useful this feature would be in YDS to anyone who'd listen. More than once. And no, I can't tell you if you should expect to see it or when that might be–so don't ask.
So not only does he tell us 1) that he likes a competitors product better than his employers and that 2) he is actually going to use the competitor product, but he has let his employer know why and lets us know that he has done so. Good stuff. Kudos to Jeremy for the honesty and to Yahoo! for allowing such honesty in such a public forum.

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