Google VS. Evil

An old but interesting article about the difficulties of not being evil as you become a behemoth. Now, while I can't say I agree with every decision Google has made over the years, I still think that they really do try to do the right thing. While some people may not like certain end results, to me it's the intention that matters. Google's in a bit of a precarious position right now. A large part of their success has been due to the fact that there seemed to be a perception in the media that the company could do no wrong. You can't pay for PR that good. They seemed to have reached a size now that people are uncomfortable with them though. They've crossed some invisible line and now in some peoples mind they seem to be evil by default. Now, I can't say where Google is going or whether they'll continue to not be evil – but I can say that they have earned enough of my trust at this point that they really need to actively do something to lose it. …and I really hope they don't. The Internet will be a worse place if they do.

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