Back from LinuxWorld

Well, I just got back from LinuxWorld and have to say it was another great trip. A record number of mods turned out and as always it was great to be able to hang out in person for a bit. Mods in attendance were: rshaw, finegan, trickykid, acid_kewpie and XavierP. The feedback we got about LQ from the attendees was extremely positive and more people than ever had either been to the site or heard of it. Very encouraging. We were able to attend a .org party sponsored by Google and I got a chance to chat with Chris DiBona about some possible ways to improve the LQ search. Finally got a chance to catchup with Doc, which was fantastic. I also attended FedoraCon where I got a chance to sit down with Sam who has helped LQ a great deal (and thanks again for the sushi!). ESR was a surprise guest at FUDCon and it was good to finally be able to see him speak in person. All and all a great trip. Now…back to work ;)

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    Here's what I've posted to Flickr:

    Entire LQ Booth


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