Getting Back on Track

Well, completely ignoring that fact that I was sick for the last month or so finally caught up with me and I've spent the better part of the week being too sick to do anything. What a waste. Feeling slightly better now and it's time to start getting back on track. As mentioned LWE was a great time. I broke down and setup a flickr account and posted the couple of pictures I took. You can view them here. This blog and the LQ podcast should be resuming to their regularly scheduled programing “Real Soon Now”. Thanks.

3 Responses to Getting Back on Track

  1. Anonymous says:

    It really sucks to be so sick so long! I can fully understand what you've been going through, trying to get on with everyday life at 1/2 power (if its a good day). I'm sick of being sick, too! So, Here's my vote for GETTING BACK ON TRACK!!! Good luck, Jeremy!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hello Jer,
    I've been trying to add this type of thing (where folks can post comments) to my info only website: Years ago this was called a BBS but I guess blog is the new term. How do you do it? Oh yeah I'm glad youre feeling better.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Anyone can post these photos to another place?
    I have access problem (flash) to flickr site.
    Thanks previously!

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