Are You Involved With an Open Source Project That’s In Need of Funding? I May Be Able to Help.

A while back, I agreed to join the Linux Fund board. For those unfamiliar with the organization, our mission reads as follows: “Linux Fund is a community-neutral 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides financial and administrative support to the open source community.” With that in mind, are you involved with an Open Source project that would benefit from a targeted donation to accomplish a specific goal or task? If so please contact me with details and we’ll see if Linux Fund is a good fit. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to contact me directly or post here.


3 Responses to Are You Involved With an Open Source Project That’s In Need of Funding? I May Be Able to Help.

  1. Steve Smith says:

    tiled ( ) is an open source 2D map editor that could use some funding. It has become the defacto standard for game developers and has made things a whole lot easier,.

    • Jeremy says:

      Thanks for the suggestion. One bit of information we need to assess each request is how we can make a targeted donation to accomplish a specific goal or task. If someone from the Tiled team can contact me with that information, we’ll be happy to take a look.


  2. I did work on a couple of projects including a simple version of a searchable school wiki encyclopedia here: but don’t have a particular project for funding . i’m coming from another angle which is that Microsoft has plenty of cash to set up an office for support & training in Nigeria , whereas there is no specific umbrella cash generating machine for Linux distros as a group.

    My plane ticket is booked & I will be out in Ghana before August 2016 so I did a search for linux user groups & open source that have passed the test of time. Basically there is nothing I consider genuine or sustainable.I got a response from one guy running a Ghana open-source web stating he’s not involved in open source anymore but running the web out of habit. I talked to one guy using meetups for a python group which dis-integrated. Frankly I can’t understand why people can not write their own forum code for their web instead of some yanky dollar motivated outfit.

    I did find but they are mentioning java Applets in the context of web development.I wrote a couple of Applets in 2002 but pretty much after that wouldn’t really consider applets for a web site. Oracle is dropping browser support so just wonder how cutting edge is Its like reading a package holiday spiel then you notice they mention flying ou out on a “Tiger Moth”.

    If you take a step back you would consider that a Ghana Government web site would be pretty high tech when you consider that you can do tax credits etc online in the UK but after looking to request a key stage 1 curriculum to see if they had dropped stating use “star office “ as a cutting edge word processor I found which has not worked for months & has been double checked by contacts in Ghana to confirm so.

    Where does Open source Richard Stallman GNU Linux come into the equation for Ghana instead of the usual cloned (stolen ) Windows?

    Well in a nutshell nowhere unless someone is willing to be in Ghana & sweat it , help users install a Linux distro say Slackware14.2 or maybe salixos & demonstrate the virtues of linux. Now i’m no kernel hacker but fair on Linux admin , web development with PHP some python. I’m willing to showcase Linux but without support it soon gets shoulder drooping.

    I haven’t got anything great to display since we put our NGO on free hosting here. I just hacked together a few pages using fatfree framework with twitter bootstrap just to put it out there really :

    basically open to anyone interested

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