New Site Launch:

I’m happy to announce that I just launched a new site: LinuxExchange

LinuxExchange is “StackOverflow for Linux and Open Source” and is built on the StackExchange platform. That means it’s a collaboratively edited question and answer site about Linux and Open Source with a workflow somewhere between the forums of and the Mediawiki-based LQ Wiki. We’re still in a sort of BETA mode, but the site is live and a few people have already signed up and are asking/answering questions. We considered launching this under the LQ brand but in the end decided that the paradigm of this site was sufficiently different that having an LQ instance would be confusing and possibly counterproductive. That means the only connection between LQ and LE are that I’m the sole founder of both.

As always, feedback is welcome. It’s going to be interesting to see how LinuxExchange progresses and grows. I haven’t launched a new site in a while and am used to things being at LQ-scale, so starting from zero should be a challenge. I’m also looking forward to seeing what lessons we’re able to learn and then apply to LQ.


5 Responses to New Site Launch:

  1. forjer says:

    Jeremy, congratulations for your initiative, it would be nice to see it quickly become a reference in the Linux user land, like Linux Questions, and others, already are.

    Second point, is a suggestion I’d like to place here to you.

    We, Linux advocates, know that it’s important to increase our user base, and that can only be done by bringing in people from the M$ world.

    Like it happened to me, when I first got involved with Linux, the main difficulty I felt, was to get familiar with the hundred new terms, expressions, definitions, concepts, etc, that are used at Linux, but not in Windoze. For many people, this is a let down and they get out. Linux literature is too much spread, diffuse, and mostly deprecated.

    I think that the Linux desktop distro world, would have all to gain by creating a task force, dedicated to prepare a specifically oriented, targeting windoze new comers, with very clear, sucint, well done, and attractive kind of Wiki, to facilitate the adaptation of those people to ower way of speack and do things.

    I would be even more ambitious on this task, and would then invite all distro owners to cooperate, placing it in a very visible place in their distro sites, where they could have the opportunity to adapt some of the literature, to the specifics of their distros.

    If you think this is a good idea, I also think you could be the right person to lead this project and make it ready in the most short period of time.

  2. jeremy says:


    Thanks for the feedback. I’d encourage you to start this project on the LQ Wiki and see if you can get some participation going. From there, the sky’s the limit.


  3. forjer says:

    Jeremy, I would start it with pleasure, as you suggested. Anyway, a project like this, need a little beat of lobbying among prominent distro and other FLOSS personalities. I’m a noob, who will care to listen to me? Anyway, I’ll try to do as you said and promote this idea among other important entities in our community.

  4. jeremy says:


    That’s one of the great things about Linux (and Open Source in general); it’s very much a meritocracy, so if you’re doing quality/interesting work being a noob really doesn’t end up being very detrimental.


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