May break down and get an iPhone

Against my better judgment and despite knowing better, I think I’m going to head over and see if I can get my hands on an iPhone. Will someone please come out with a decent Linux smartphone? I’d even settle for a Palm Treo that doesn’t have the form factor of a brick :) If I do get a hold of an iPhone, I’ll be sure to twitter the occasion. Seems apropos.

UPDATE: I am now the proud owner of an 8GB iPhone. The first impressions (I’ve not even opened it yet) are not very good. The store was woefully under prepared for one of the most hyped events ever. The provisioning system, OPUS, crashed almost immediately and the credit card system went down as well. My inquiry into a couple “iPhone only” rules were answered with “well, that’s how Apple wanted it”. When I pointed out that I was AT&T’s customer for the service, which is what my questions were about, that didn’t seem to matter. On to activation, I only have one non-Linux system and it is indeed a Mac. I just installed iTunes, only to find out that since I am running 10.3.9 the iPhone functionality doesn’t even work. He’s hoping iTunes runs in CrossOver. It still seems like an odd requirement to me to activate a mobile phone. I’ll post another update when (if?) I’m able to activate this thing.


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