The Post You Never Think You'll Have to Make

There are some posts you simply aren't prepared for and think you'll never have to make. This is one. One of our mods passed away far too young. David, mcleodnine on LQ, was a long time member and one of the very early mods (he was also a panelist on the inaugural episode of the LQ Radio Show). He was the quintessential computer enthusiast and turned his hobby into a business that recently went into the black. He was a guy you would run into at all kinds of odd hours on IRC and have a great discussion out of now where. He'll be missed more than I'm sure he knew. LQ is missing more than a mod…it's missing a friend. Out of respect, LQ will be closed for a short time later today – a moment of silence.

One Response to The Post You Never Think You'll Have to Make

  1. Anonymous says:

    We'll miss you, David.

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