Lenovo to Load Linux on ThinkPad Laptop

In a topic that I've covered quite a bit over the years, Lenovo will be announcing a ThinkPad with Linux preloaded at the upcoming LinuxWorld. As I've mentioned many times, OEM support on a large scale is critical to those who'd like to see mainstream Linux adoption. This is the first time in a while that a major OEM has announced something related to Linux preloads. Remember that Dell and others will load Linux as a special order for large clients. Not a lot of details on this deal yet, but I still don't see it as that break through deal. It's specific to a single model and I'd guess that the Microsoft Windows XP Professional [standard] [Lenovo recommended] line on the order page won't be going away. In the end, the deal that we need (and the one that will signal mainstream adoption to me) is one where Linux is an available option across a manufacturers product line. No specific models, no special order – simply a regular option. Unfortunately, we're almost certainly a ways off on this. How long? That remains to be seen.
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