Mandriva Fires Founder Gael Duval

Ouch. Gael has confirmed that he has been fired from Mandriva. This has to be extremely tough for him…I can't imagine getting “fired” from LQ. He started the distribution and co-founded the company, so it's fair to say that without him there would be no Mandriva. The reason given by the current CEO was workforce reduction due to poor financial results. In reality, I'd guess there is more to it though, and it appears Gael was also asked to step down last year. Taking a distro that has recently had a bit of trouble in the community department and getting rid of the guy that clearly cares the most about the community is an odd choice, but I think this is just another sign that FOSS is going into more and more corporate directions. I've had the opportunity to speak with Gael on multiple occasions is he really is a stand up guy. I wish him luck with Ulteo and whatever else he decides to do.
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