An Answer from the Blogosphere

Gotta love the blogosphere. I asked a question about full referrer info in Google Analytics a while back, and just noticed that someone linked back to my post with an answer …Or almost an answer that is. While that is much closer than I was able to get on my own, it's still not full info. It will give you a list if domains (which is oddly available elsewhere also) and a list of files from that domain (which is new info to me) but it strips all parameters. This makes a lot of the information useless unfortunately. Let's take Distrowatch as a referrer. With the striping of parameters, 100% of the traffic comes from table.php. It would be much more useful to be able to see which distros actually referred the visitor, for a variety of reasons. I'd say it's more than useful actually – it's critical. In the end it means that I also have to run an additional tool if I want to see what's really driving traffic to LQ. It sure would be convenient if I didn't have to.
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