MySQL 5.0 Now Available for Production Use

I've been talking a lot about MySQL recently, so I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that MySQL 5.0 is now the official GA release. Congrats the the whole MySQL AB team. You probably have a tough road ahead, but this is certainly something to be proud of and a moment to sit back and enjoy.
One thing I've never quite understood is the huge rivalry between some of the PostgreSQL and MySQL fans. I say some, because it's clearly a small but vocal minority on both sides. The PostgreSQL fans point out the MySQL is not a real database and data integrity is zero while the MySQL folks says…well – I'm sure you've heard the arguments. The fact is, they are both quality Open Source solutions that we should be proud of. We should be on the same team here. The fact is, PostgreSQL started at one end (hard to use, slower but ACID and more SQL compliant) and MySQL started at the other (easy to use, faster but not ACID). They've both made huge strides in each others direction and they are both now much closer to the middle (although still skewed slightly in their original directions). Because of their roots they tend to have much different supporters, but in reality I see many PostgreSQL people making comparisons when they've clearly not used MySQL since 3.23 and I see many MySQL people making comparisons when they've clearly not used PostgreSQL since about 6.5. Stop the bickering and use the right tool for the right job. I think you'll find that between PostgreSQL and MySQL you'll find that you have a solution for almost any occasion. In more cases then you might think these days, I think you may find that either DB will fit the bill. FWIW, LQ uses MySQL and it's not even 5.x. We've put off even looking at InnoDB until things settle down. Even if we had transactions, guess what – we wouldn't use them. Why? We don't need them. Does that mean we'd never switch? No! The right tool for the right job.

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