Open Debate About OpenDocument

FOXNews recently ran a story about the MA decision to move to an OpenDocument standard. The article was quickly blasted by their own readers, who pointed out that the article was one sided, full of FUD and neglected to mention that the author was funded by Microsoft. From the followup article: “The column “Massachusetts Should Close Down OpenDocument” that appeared on Sept. 28 identified author James Prendergast as executive director of Americans for Technology Leadership, but failed to disclose that Microsoft is a founding member of that organization.”. Now, it's good to see them update the article, but why is this practice so prevalent? Kudos to the readers who took the time to mail FOXNews, you clearly made a difference. It's time news agencies started doing more news reporting and less headline grabbing. Educated viewers and readers is what is going to get us there.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    It makes you glad that there are blogs in the world.

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