A Couple LQ Initiatives

I hate to use the word “Initiatives” actually. It sounds much too corporate and much too office space for what LQ really is. I couldn't think of a better word though, and it probably won't send LQ into a whirl of red tape and bureaucracy. One thing we've really been putting a concerted effort into recently is reducing the number of threads with 0 replies. Another goal that I have set is to reach 3,000 articles in the LQ Wiki. I haven't set a hard date for this, but “as soon as possible” sounds about right. Contributing to the LQ Wiki couldn't be much easier, and there is even a list of Most Wanted Pages, if you can't think of a topic for an article but would like to help. We've got a couple more things we'd like to do soon also, but I'll keep the list to two for now. As always, if you have any suggestions on how we can improve LQ, please let us know.

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