IDC Proclaims Linux Is Now Mainstream

Gotta love analysts! IDC has now proclaimed that Linux is mainstream. From the article:
IDC analyst Al Gillen recently said that “Linux is no longer a fringe player. Linux is now mainstream.”
A fluff piece to be sure and not a lot of context there. And while it's great to see things like this in main stream media, analysts never cease to crack me up. Linux hasn't been a fringe player in the server market for a long time now. If they mean the unwashed masses, then I still get the “what is that Linux thing? Does it run in Windows” often enough to think that Linux is still not a household word for those people who are not interested in computers. So, maybe they meant that Linux is now mainstream in IT. That seems obvious though. Oh well, welcome to the big time Linux – you really have grown up. The other interesting item in the article was the projection that Linux-related revenue would be $35billion by 2008. WOW. That's a lot of cash…even for Redmond.

One Response to IDC Proclaims Linux Is Now Mainstream

  1. Anonymous says:

    I know what you mean about being asked “Linux, what's that?”
    I've been guilty of using Linux as an excuse to avoid helping some people with their latest spyware exploit. I don't make it a secret that I know a “bit” about computers, but when it comes down to the “free help” for the nth time (to prevent my being abused…), I simply state that I don't know about their problem, as I don't use Windows. :-D Most times, it diffuese all but the most serious nagging. If they get by that bluff, I will help them, but give them my friend's business card (he runs a computer shop).
    That's when they ask, “What's that?”
    People do like fluff, though. Cotton candy is yummy!

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