More on the LQ Radio Audio Improvements

Chatted with Doug Kaye from IT Conversations a little today about the audio quality of LQ Radio. He had given me a few tips in the past, and I just purchased the same audio processor that he uses for ITC to use for LQ Radio. I'll be using his suggestions for knob turning for the next Podcast. If you've never heard the quality releases that Doug does at IT Conversations, I encourage you to go take a listen. Thanks Doug.

LQ Radio Episode #1 Has Been Posted

I am proud to announce that the inaugural episode of the LQ Radio Show has been posted. We had to work through a couple of technical issues, but overall I think the show came out quite well. Thanks to Robin, John and Dave for agreeing to be the first panelists. If you have any feedback on the show, please post it to the LQ Radio site. I've attached one last audio reminder that the RSS feeds have moved from my blog to the LQ Radio site, to catch any last podcatchers that may be pointed here.

LQ Radio Interview #1 – Tom Adelstein and Sam Hiser

A little overdue, but LQ Radio is finally getting off the ground. The first LQ Radio show should be available next month and the first LQ Radio interview has been posted. The interview features Tom Adelstein and Sam Hiser. We cover a variety of topics and I think the end result is fantastic content wise. Skype gave us a huge amount of problems and we ended up ditching the p2p bit and I called both Sam and Tom via Skypeout. Let me know what you think.

Final Reminder – LQ Podcasts Have Moved

This is a final reminder that the LQ Podcasts have moved to the LQ Radio site. I've included an audio clip here to catch any of the remaining people using this feed for the LQ Podcasts. A new Podcast has just been posted, so head on over and listen.
–jeremy Podcast – 02.13.05

The latest Podcast. Topics include , Members Choice Award winners, LQ Radio, some SCALE 3X audio clips, LQ ISO, Microsoft security and the latest SCO ruling.
–jeremy Podcast – 02.02.05

The latest Podcast. Topics include the 2004 Members Choice Awards, an LQ Radio and Skype update, a few LQ reminders, LQ sponsoring the OSBC, Linux kernel security, the Software Freedom Law Center and ESR stepping down from OSI.
–jeremy Podcast – 01.23.05

The latest Podcast. Topics include our new audio setup, an update on our intro, the new LQ Radio logo and tagline, the new LQ bugtracker, a couple random LQ stats, a product announcement from IBM and the impact Microsoft has on software prices.
–jeremy Podcast – 01.20.05

The latest Podcast. Topics include the LQ Podcast moving to the LQ Radio site, our new audio setup, Sometimes things just work out, LinuxWorld Expo and a couple Linux News stories.

Best Place for LQ Podcasts?

I'm considering moving the LQ Podcasts to the LQ Radio site. Where do you think they make the most sense, here on my blog or over at LQ Radio?
–jeremy Podcast – 01.11.05

The latest Podcast. Topics include LQ Radio, my latest Linux Magazine article, LQ in LinuxWorld Magazine, a sneak preview and IBM's 500 patents.