OSBC Underway

The OSBC is officially underway. The opening keynote was the always interesting Matthew Szulik. I’m not sure who does the Red Hat short videos, but they are consistently both entertaining and compelling (even if some of the themes are reused quite a bit). Some interesting tidbits from the keynote:

* Open Source no longer needs to be validated
* Open Source has the ability to change IT from a cost to a value
* A long while back, while trying to get VC for Red Hat, someone asked Matt when he was going to “give up on this gimmick”
* In his opinion he feels that Open Source also has a social responsibility component. He gives as an example a research institute that had to ditch a decade of breast cancer research due to data incompatibilities
* He welcomes the competition from the likes of Oracle, and sees it as a management responsibility to compete…and not a technical issue
* He often feels in sales meetings that the crowd is divided – the 40+ crowd dislikes him (not personally, of course) and the 25-ish crowd thinks he’s pretty cool
* We are only at the beginning of the Open Source cycle… and cycles in this industry are the norm


In San Francisco for OSBC

Landed in San Francisco earlier today and spent most of the day walking around. The OSBC starts tomorrow morning. My recent post on Dell and Ubuntu seems to have gotten a fair bit of attention while I was traveling. If I get any further information I’ll be sure to sure it.


Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit

I’m happy to announce that I’ll be attending the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit at Google’s Mountain View Campus. It looks to be a great event to discuss the future direction of Linux and Open Source. If you’ll be attending, I’ll see you there. Trying to work out a decent flight schedule now, but it looks like it’ll be challenging. BTW, I’ll also be in the Bay Area next week for OSBC. If you’ll be attending (or in the area) and would like to connect, drop me a line.