Linux and Open Source Conference Discount Codes

I’m just booking some upcoming conference travel (in this case OSBC). As you may know, LQ is a sponsor of quite a few fantastic Linux and Open Source conferences. As a result of that, we’re able to offer you some discounts. Here’s a partial list – as I get more I’ll bump this post. If you run a conference that LQ doesn’t sponsor, but you think should, drop me a line. Without further ado and in no particular order:

The 2007 MySQL Conference & Expo: 10% off using mys07lqt
Ubuntu Live: 10% + $150 off using ubu07lqt
OSCON: 10% off using os07lqt
LinuxWorld Canada: 25% off if you register before April 11th

If you’ll be attending any of this conferences and would like to meet up (I’m attending most, but not all), let me know.


LinuxWorld OpenSolutions Summit Wrap-up

The Summit is now officially over. All and all a good show. The 'Ask the Experts' panel was the first unconference like event held at a LinuxWorld and based on this one they will likely move forward with future ones, which I was glad to hear. We tried a more conversational approach today and I think it worked much better. There is even some talk of remote video questions being an option in the future. I once again meet a bunch of great people and of course got to catch up with some people I haven't seen in a while. Chatted with Evan Prodromou about OpenID and MediaWiki for a while and I'm happy to announce we'll be rolling that out in the very near future. While not on the Ask the Experts panel I was able to attend a couple sessions. While some were not quite as technical as an expo like SCALE, the content was still very good. Microsoft threw a reception last night at the top of the hotel which was fairly well attended. The 49th floor rotates and has an amazing view of the city. Afterward I grabbed some dinner with a group that contained only one non-Jeremy (what are the odds on that ;) I think Jeremy White was kind enough to offer Don Marti temporary honorary Jeremy status. I definitely look forward to participating in this unconference style event anywhere they plan on offering it in the future. Thanks for having me Don.

See you in NYC

My plane leaves in a couple hours (yes, packing would probably be a more judicious use of my time right now than blogging) and if the weather cooperates I should be in NYC by 6PM. A reminder that if you're in the area make sure to check out the LinuxWorld OpenSolutions Summit. I'll be participating in the “Ask the Experts” session. I hear it's going to be unconference style and the rest of the panel looks awesome. If you are in NYC and would like to connect, feel free to drop me a line.

SCALE 5X and LinuxWorld Summit – It's going to be a busy week

Well, I've just confirmed bookings for both SCALE 5X (where LQ is a sponsor) and LinuxWorld Open Solutions Summit (where I'm on the speakers list). Considering the events are only a couple days apart but 2,795 miles apart, it should be an interesting week. I do have one day to “sleep in my own bed” in between the two events, so it should work out fine ;) I attended SCALE 4X last year and it was a great event. I'm really looking forward to both of these. If you'll be at either one and would like to meet up, drop me a line.

LinuxWorld Open Solutions Summit

Looks like I'll be on the “Ask the Experts” panel at the upcoming LinuxWorld Open Solutions Summit in NYC.
Bring your toughest open source problem to our crack team of contributors, open source developers, and IT security and administration professionals! From software selection, configuration, and hardware, and bandwidth requirements to the unpredictable human elements that make an IT project succeed or fail, you'll get working answers and pointers to open source projects, documentation, and online forums that will turn every problem into an opportunity.
I don't have a ton of detail beyond that yet, but I do know fellow panelists include Jeremy Allison and Donald Becker. If you'll be near New York City (or need an excuse to go to NYC) on February 14-15, I highly suggest you check out the LinuxWorld Open Solutions Summit.

ACCESS to Release Open Source Application Framework

ACCESS has announced it plans to release an Application Framework to the open source community under Mozilla Public License (MPL) v1.1. Security features that extend the Linux kernel are planned for release under the General Public License (GPL) v2. The Framework will be released before the end of the year and will be the industry’s first open source mobile Linux application framework for commercial use. From the article:
Developed as part of the ACCESS Linux Platform, the Application Framework has been designed specifically to meet the requirements of mobile phones and devices. In addition to providing a set of services to install and manage applications, the Application Framework from ACCESS can integrate communication between applications, enabling a seamless user experience for music, messaging and other advanced features. The Application Framework is also designed to enhance application security to prevent unauthorized use of phone services or tampering with critical system data.
As part of its efforts to help grow the mobile Linux market and foster a global ecosystem, ACCESS has decided to contribute its Application Framework to the open source community. By open sourcing the Application Framework, ACCESS’ goal is to help speed the development and adoption of mobile Linux phones and devices while taking the first step to help prevent fragmentation. The next step in preventing fragmentation will be to work with industry standards organizations, such as the Linux Phone Standards (LiPS) Forum and Open Source Developers Labs (OSDL) to determine how they may adopt the Application Framework.

I got a chance to play with ALP at a recent Linux world, and while it wasn't quite ready for prime time then, that was about 9 months ago. I'd be interested to see how far they've come since then. Motorola is already starting to release some main stream Linux-based phones and other companies are following. While I've not heard any definitive plans yet, it's very possible we may end up with a Linux-based Treo at some point. I'm really pulling for that one. I already like the Treo and having Linux and GTK+ on it would be fantastic. I'd expect a large amount of growth for Linux in the mobile space over the next 2-3 years and this move by ACCESS should help to foster an active developer community, much like the one the Palm OS has now.
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Final LinuxWorld UK Reminder

A final reminder that LQ will be in the .Org Village at the upcoming LinuxWorld UK. If you'll be anywhere near London on the 25th or 26th, make sure to stop into Olympia 2 and say hello. My plane leaves in a couple hours, but I don't land in the UK until tomorrow. If you'll be around and would like to connect, feel free to either email me or leave a comment here. See you on the other side of the pond.