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I’m launching a new Q&A column on and I’m fine-tuning what topics I’ll cover. Anything Linux, Open Source and community-related are fair game. What do you wish you’d known about Linux before you started using it? What questions do you have about building and maintaining communities? What would you like to know about contributing to an Open Source project? If I use your question in the column, you will get full attribution (and I’m certainly interested in hearing general feedback about the column itself).


One Response to Feedback on New Q&A column on

  1. Bill Boyd says:

    the problem I find with the forum pages on linux is the pages of techno babble crap that is used as information but is in fact of no help at all to a “newbie” to the operating systems .
    I started using ubuntu and got into so much trouble that I just uninstalled it
    At that stage it was like windows 10 is now —unintelligent rubbish– mainly because of all the different technical terms, so alien to the poor computer user that unless one has a university degree in understanding the technical terms or each item of the process, the program grinds to a halt at the first window
    what is need are plain simple English terms that explains what the word means how that word integrates with the other terms and so how a process is established
    Even a comparison of words used by linux with known words used by Microsoft would be a big help
    What do I mean— well it is like this –theres is no “flow chart” of the operating process of Linux that is easy to understand -as there is windows
    In windows , you click on the symbol and the desk top opens —you click on an icon and there you are at a file or folder ( all known and understood terms )
    But with Linux the terms are different– what is a “kernel” why won’t files or folders just open
    Basically what I am saying is this— Microsoft had the upper hand because they wrote a operating system for “dummies” that amounted to nothing more than press this and you get that
    Windows 10 came along and now there are androids , clouds and again they are going down the techno babble crap track –the same track that Linux is on
    Step back from the wonderfully painted picture that is Linux for a minute, imagine that you are new to operating systems and computers ( as most of the population over 50 are) and then get lost in all of the linux os units that are available , but at no time is there a suitable explanation as to what each operating system is best to use. OK now select a system and start to read all the unexplained details that are simply mind blowing,and eventually you will understand the simple fact that —ALL USERS WANT IS A SIMPLE EASILY UNDERSTOOD SYSTEM WHERE A KEY IS PRESSED AND A KNOWN RESULT OCCURS —
    We don’t want every person changing words, instructions, process just to show their skill in the computer sciences that leaves the computer illiterate resenting computer progress.
    Yes I agree that LInux operating systems are far better than windows BUT are less user friendly because of the techno babble crap used
    Basically Linux has no sales pitch explanation but assumes that everybody on a computer”just knows”
    you asked for feed back— now consider it against all the other forums in Linux and you may get what the hell I am on about

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