Bad Voltage Season 1 Episode 19: Fedora Murder Trial

From the Bad Voltage site:

The whole team return (remarkably) to speak, weirdly, only about things beginning with the letter F. Myself, Bryan Lunduke, Jono Bacon and Stuart Langridge present Bad Voltage, with the following “F-ing” things:

  • Fire Phone: Amazon release a phone, and we decide whether it’s exciting or execrable
  • Firefox OS: the Mozilla project’s phone OS, reviewed by Stuart and discussed by everybody
  • Freshmeat: the late-90s web store of software for Linux has finally closed its doors. Reminiscence, combined with some thoughts on how and why the world has moved on
  • Fedora Project Leader: Matthew Miller, the newly-appointed leader of the Fedora Linux project, speaks about the direction that distribution is planning, working with large communities, and whether his job should be decided by a Thunderdome-style trial by combat
  • err… our Fabulous community: we catch up with what’s going on

Listen to: 1×19: Fedora Murder Trial

As mentioned here, Bad Voltage is a new project I’m proud to be a part of. From the Bad Voltage site: Every two weeks Bad Voltage delivers an amusing take on technology, Open Source, politics, music, and anything else we think is interesting, as well as interviews and reviews. Do note that Bad Voltage is in no way related to, and unlike LQ it will be decidedly NSFW. That said, head over to the Bad Voltage website, take a listen and let us know what you think.


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