The Ride for Roswell; Together, We Can Help Find Cancer Cures and Save Lives

I never post to this blog about personal issues. Posts are usually related to LQ, Linux or Open Source. The truth is, I’m a pretty private person. That means I’m stepping a bit outside of my comfort zone with this post, but it’s for a cause that’s extremely important to me. This June I’ll be participating in the Ride for Roswell, a bike race that helps support the cutting-edge research and patient care programs that benefit the 31,000 patients who turn to Roswell Park for hope. From my donation page:

Cancer is a disease that has impacted myself and my family a great deal. I’m participating in the Ride for Roswell in memory of my grandmother (whom cancer took far too soon) and my mother (who was able to beat cancer with the help of Roswell). I myself am genetically predisposed to get a certain cancer. I know this because of Roswell Park; and because of Roswell Park, I am not afraid. The cutting-edge research that Roswell does, coupled with the top notch patient care they provide, offers hope to many against an insidious disease that has taken far too many lives. With your donation and facilities such as Roswell Park, I’m confident that, together, we can help find cancer cures and save lives.

I know people have a tendency to speak in platitudes when it comes to cancer. In this case, however, we can make a difference. We can be the change we want to see in the world. We can win.

When making donations, I know two things that are very important to me are how responsible the organization I’m donating to is with my donation and how transparent they are with where that donation goes.  The Roswell Park Alliance Foundation has traditionally been counted among the most responsible charities by the national rating agency Charity Navigator. Financial Health and Accountability / Transparency are the two criteria used by Charity Navigator to give the Roswell Park Alliance it’s top rating.

I know that we’re in difficult fiscal times, but any amount helps. Please visit my donation page and give, if you’re able. If you’re not able, I appreciate you reading my story.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.


2 Responses to The Ride for Roswell; Together, We Can Help Find Cancer Cures and Save Lives

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  2. I never though I’d get cancer of the Thyroid but I contributed 2% of Help Conquer Cancer on World Community Grid. I now have to go for Radio active Iodine treatment. (Gamma radiation) liquid form ingest. I don’t know what the next step is???

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