Happy New Year & Browser and OS stats for 2012

I’d like to wish everyone a happy new year on behalf of the entire LQ team. 2012 has been another great year for LQ and we have quite a few exciting developments in store for 2013, including a major code update that we originally had planned for late 2012.

Unfortunately, 2012 has been another quiet year from a blogging perspective, but I do regularly post to the LQ twitter account. Posting more lengthy commentary here is something I’ll try to be more cognizant of this year.

As has become tradition, here are the browser and OS statistics for the main LQ site for all of 2012 (2011 stats for comparison).

Firefox 46.47%
Chrome 33.27%
Internet Explorer 11.66%
Safari 4.02%
Opera 2.64%
Android Browser 0.69%

Firefox usage at LQ continues to decline and now represents less than half of all pageviews, while Chrome usage continues to increase and now represents more than a third of all pageviews. Note that Konqueror completely fell out of the top 10, representing just 0.09% of all pageviews.

Operating Systems
Windows 53.56%
Linux 35.54%
Macintosh 8.26%
Android .95%
iOS .64%

Windows and Macintosh usage increased for the second straight year, while Linux usage is once again down slightly. Android usage almost hit one full percent.

I’d also like to take this time to thank each and every LQ member. You are what make the site great; without you, we simply wouldn’t exist. I’d like to once again thank the LQ mod team, whose continued dedication ensures that things run as smoothly as they do. Don’t forget to vote in the 2012 LinuxQuestions.org Members Choice Awards, which recently opened.


3 Responses to Happy New Year & Browser and OS stats for 2012

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  2. I’m sad about Konqueror. I still use it. I tried Chrome, and it didn’t appeal to me enough compared with Firefox. I do have a dual-boot Windows/Linux laptop, but I resolutely refuse to touch Windows Explorer or Office.

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