Happy New Year & Browser and OS stats for 2011

I’d like to wish everyone a happy new year on behalf of the entire LQ team. 2011 has been another great year for LQ and we have quite a bit of exciting developments in store for 2012, including a major code update. 2011 also marks the year that we expanded on the LQ vision to launch The Questions Network along with LQ’s fist sister site, AndroidQuestions.org.

I’ve once again posted to this blog far less frequently in 2011 than I’d have liked to, and I’m going to work to change that this year (I do post to twitter fairly often, for those interested).

As has become tradition, here are the browser and OS statistics for the main LQ site for all of 2011 (2010 stats for comparison).

Firefox 53.07%
Chrome 24.79%
Internet Explorer 13.50%
Safari 3.59%
Opera 3.05%
Android Browser 0.26%
Konqueror .23%

The Firefox decline at LQ continues, while one in four now use Chrome to access the site. For the first time, a mobile browser has broken into the top 10.

Operating Systems
Windows 52.68%
Linux 38.55%
Macintosh 6.99%
Android .44%
iPhone .35%

Windows and Macintosh use are slightly up from last year, while Linux use is actually slightly down. While Android and iPhone use are both up, Android surpassed iPhone for the first time.

I’d also like to take this time to thank each and every LQ member. You are what make the site great. Don’t forget to vote in the 2011 LinuxQuestions.org Members Choice Awards, which recently opened.


6 Responses to Happy New Year & Browser and OS stats for 2011

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  2. Happy new year to you too. Interesting stats.

  3. vvsmart says:

    Ah! Data! Cool stats. But I know there were at least a few text browsers! Not significant traffic? Yeah but it’s ‘still fun to see it included. I’ve recently started using a text bowser for quick jumps online.

    Chromium has a huge advantage with the multi-thread processing -each tab is considered it’s own process. And I still say Opera is the lightest desktop browser. It’s also the browser that started me on Linux with it’s multi-platform support. But they’re really focused on mobile and desktops generally have more then enough resources today. I like the Firefox autopager. I use them all.

    So Linux use is down? I think we should focus on people who have a commitment, start with that, rather then just trying to go for numbers which I think there’s been some of that and in the long run that poisons the pie. When I moved to Linux -four years ago this week I believe-, I used a new hardware build and a KVM switch. Rather then starting over, it was more of a lateral move. But I was committed to moving after finding out I needed to buy another OEM license to run my new hardware, plus with the whole xbox cooperation proprietary squeeze. Took a year to get it together but I knew what I wanted and it worked great.

    For 2012 I say we increase community involvement through using a contribution share ratio with open source type content or community projects. It’s an idea that for me came out of bit torrent use. Feedback is critical and you see that with bit torrent. Same is true with any community collaboration.

    Thanks Jeremy. New to the blog today. Thanks all.

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