Turns Eleven

I’m extremely excited to announce that exactly eleven years ago today I made my very first post at As I’ve stated numerous times, since then LQ has exceeded my expectation in every way. 4,382,316 posts and 457,176 registered members does not even begin to tell the story. The community and mod team that has grown at LQ is truly amazing and something that I’m very proud to be a part of. I’d like to once again thank each and every LQ member for their participation, dedication and feedback.

To say that feedback has been absolutely critical to our success is an understatement. It would be impossible to enumerate the features we’ve added or changes we’ve made as a direct result of member feedback. With that in mind, I’d like to use this thread to collect as much feedback as possible about LQ. What are we doing well and where can we improve? What new features or sections would you like to see? What should we be doing differently? As part of our birthday celebration, we’ll be giving away Contributing Member updates, LQ Merchandise and even a gratis pass to OSCON 2011 in Portland. Stay tuned for more details.

With more than a decade under our belts, you may be wondering what’s next for LQ. I’m happy to say that after eleven years, our mission remains as laser focused now as it was when I started the site; to be the absolute best resource we can be for the Linux and Open Source community. With the recent launch of The Questions Network, we also plan to use what we’ve learned at LQ and apply it to other related topics. The second TQN member site,, was recently taken out of BETA and we’re continuing to stabilize and improve the next generation platform that will soon run LQ. We anticipate adding other sites to the network as it makes sense, although a final decision for the next topic has not been decided yet (and we’re certainly open to feedback on that topic). Once nice thing about TQN is that, once you’re a member of one site you can use your credentials on any other member site. We’ll likely add OpenID, twitter, facebook and other identity providers to the mix soon which will make it easier than ever to participate.

Here’s to the next eleven years.


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