Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-15

  • Build a Linux Media Center PC HOWTO: #
  • Heading to Boston for #linuxcon #
  • Wim Coekaert or Oracle at #linuxcon "We will not kill Linux or Solaris. We like BOTH." #
  • Rob Chandhok of Qualcomm at #linuxcon "We think we'll have a dual core CPU at 1.5GHz per core in a phone in the next year or so." #android #
  • Currently shopping for an #android phone, most likely a Nexus One. #linuxcon was the impetus and the final push I needed. #
  • @benfox The Samsung Captivate looks to be my second choice. The unfettered android experience of the Nexus One is compelling though. in reply to benfox #
  • There was a recent "security issue" at, but details have not been released yet (they will be soon). John Hawley at #linuxcon #
  • RT @linux_pro: First packed talk I've seen at #Linuxcon is unsurprisingly about #Android <- currently sitting on the floor myself #
  • #android represented 27% of the smartphones sold in the first half of 2010. #linuxcon (~ 6 million devices are activated per month) #
  • "Application developers exist to make your phone do more for a very short time, and then turn off" #android Matthew Garrett at #linuxcon #
  • on the topic of my previous tweet: how do #android users find the battery life of their current phone? Ideally, include phone model in reply #
  • RT @TechJournalist: shouting match in #Android session #LinuxCon Garrett asked an audience member to leave the room. Never seen that before. #
  • James Morris at #linuxcon "security features are now mainstream in Linux.We're better equipped to address modern threats but need to evolve" #
  • RT @jzb: Getting ready for press panel at #LinuxCon – nice crowd! <- you got me while I wasn't looking. #
  • @jzb at #linuxcon "Ubuntu forced other companies such as Red Hat and Novell to focus on Community again" <- panel is vehemently disagreeing #
  • While the panel at #linuxcon didn't wholly agree on the biggest Linux story of the last decade, the consensus for this year is mobile Linux. #
  • @jzb adroitly points out that the lack of a reliable methodology for counting unpaid Linux has a big impact on reliability of #'s #linuxcon #
  • @sjvn at #linuxcon "Linux is everywhere, but from a news perspective it's nowhere" (as it becomes mainstream, the media landscape changes) #
  • Will the biggest challenge to future Linux kernel development be finding exciting things to work on? Kernel panel at #linuxcon #
  • @tytso talking about Google taking heat for shipping non-mainline code when Red Hat and Novell both ship patched kernels. #linuxcon #android #
  • Markus Rex of Novell at #linuxcon "Linux is the best example of how people working together can create more than individuals working apart" #
  • Jeffrey Hammond of Forrester at #linuxcon "congratulations, you're on the winning team" – says Linux has crossed the chasm #
  • only 21% of developers "have not used OSS as part of my dev projects" (notes that the demographic was skewed toward MSFT users) #linuxcon #
  • US adoption of Open Source is closing the gap with Europe. Telco still leads industry adoption. #linuxcon #
  • "Open Source is changing the culture and dynamics of enterprise IT" @jhammond at #linuxcon #
  • Dawn Foster on MeeGo at #linuxcon – many challenges (technical, architectural, governance, social, community) in merging Maemo and Moblin #
  • Right now core #MeeGo contributions are very low outside of Intel and Nokia, with the notable exception of Novell #linuxcon #
  • Bret Piatt of Rackspace at #linuxcon – Rackspace is using Xen while Nasa is using KVM. OpenStack supports both. #
  • Hype vs. Reality: Today's Linux Story from the Media's Perspective on by @suehle (that's a nice screenshot IMHO) #linuxcon #
  • Survey: 98 percent of enterprises using Open Source – #
  • Chris Kenyon of Canonical is discussing the level of success the Linux desktop has reached at #linuxcon #
  • "Much of the success Linux has on the desktop is a result of its flexibility as a platform." #canonical at #linuxcon #
  • audience member at #linuxcon "In the enterprise, interop with legacy Microsoft infrastructure is still a huge pain point for desktop Linux" #
  • audience comment at #linuxcon "OSS developers are far too open to removing features that many people use, without giving a viable option" #
  • IDC at #linuxcon "One of the top reasons for Linux adoption is 'Microsoft avoidance' (ABM)" #
  • Eben Moglen of the SFLC at #linuxcon "We are not defending freedom against capitalism or business, but usually from greed" #
  • "The patent crisis is NOT going to go away" Moglen at #linuxcon #
  • "We have to find ways for freedom to make good business" Moglen at #linuxcon #
  • "The cloud is a cloudy phrase" in response to a GPL-related cloud question at #linuxcon #agpl #gplv3 #
  • from Nokia at #linuxcon one meego differentiator is that it's a full Linux experience, a truly open computing environment in your pocket. #
  • from Intel at #linuxcon the multiple vendor model of meego means they don't have to predict where innovation will come from. #
  • The upstream first philosophy is key to the future meego strategy. There will be no bifurcation in the project. #linuxcon #
  • Audience question: Has the success of Android compromised some of its openness and can the same happen to MeeGo? #linuxcon #
  • Nokia on Symbian at #linuxcon – it's not going anywhere and will move forward independently of MeeGo. "Its role remains interesting" #
  • This Oracle Systems Strategy Update webcast seems to confirm (by complete omission) that OpenSolaris is no more. #
  • The roadmap for Solaris, which unsurprisingly marks the end of OpenSolaris <-an ugly Friday for Oracle in the OSS world #
  • Google Calls Oracle Patent Suit Baseless And An Attack On The Open-Source Java Community – #SCOracle #

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