Apple iPhone 2.0 Upgrade == FAIL

A note to Apple. I find it astonishing that you have created an upgrade procedure that can fail in a way that leaves the phone useless. You had 6+ months to prepare for this, so error messages like this are just inexcusable. Google, please hurry up with Android ;)


5 Responses to Apple iPhone 2.0 Upgrade == FAIL

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  3. jeremy says:

    After about 5 hours of waiting, I’m happy to report that I once again have a working phone. This has to be one of the worst product launches for Apple in a long time.


  4. corey says:

    You might want to keep the Neo Freerunner in your sights. Its coming along quite quickly. And now, with hardware finally going out to the development community, you might see some real innovation.

  5. jeremy says:

    I’ve used the Freerunner a couple times, but to be honest it left a little to be desired. To be fair, it was not the shipping model so it’s possible the issues have been fixed. I may have to give it another look. If I do, I’ll certainly post about it.


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