Lug Radio Live US

The first Lug Radio Live in the US was held over the weekend. I was both an attendee and a sponsor, and think the event went extremely well (especially when you consider it was a first and put on by 4 people that reside on a different continent). I’d guess Cat and Leslie from Google had a lot to do with that. The speaking lineup was both interesting and entertaining, with some presentations that I don’t think you’ll see at any other event. LRL is fairly informal, which gives it a pretty unique flavor all its own. I’d met two of the LR team previously and it was great to meet the other two – they’re an extremely fun group. I unfortunately didn’t do any blogging during the event, but here are a couple of comments/highlights/random facts from memory:

* Samba resulted from a grep of /usr/dict/words. This came as a result of a company sending a cease and desist over the previous smbserver name. That company later went out of business and admitted Samba was a much better name :)
* Miguel during a presentation that wasn’t going as planned – “Oh, I see – I F&*@’d up line 58”
* I should really have some custom LQ mod shirts made for the next time we exhibit.
* “I was actually feeling pretty good about Microsoft before OOXML” –JA
* “OOXML is *not* implementable by anyone other than Microsoft”
* Sun really doesn’t seem to want ZFS and Dtrace on other platforms – they see them as “differentiators”. (NOTE: I wish I remember who said this…but I don’t)
* Interesting point that was brought up. “One day CIO’s woke up and Linux was everywhere”. We all knew this, but it got me thinking. I’d guess a lot of the rapid success companies like RHT are seeing is due to the fact that CIO’s felt pressured to get support for this unknown influx of Linux. Now that they know and are addressing the issue, I assume much of the low hanging fruit, from a sales perspective, is starting to clear the queues. It’s unclear to me how this will impact growth in a couple years. We’ll have to see.
* The women in Open Source issue is an interesting one, and one I’ll need to think more about.
* Miguel and Jeremy should probably not share a mic.
* “What does Open Source mean when software is no longer deployed”
* Android looks really cool – I’ll almost certainly ditch the iPhone for this.

I hope the event comes back to the US next year and certainly plan to attend the event in the much ballyhoed Wolverhampton, UK. If you weren’t able to attend the event, the videos should be up soon (and are Creative Commons licensed). I’m in Santa Clara for the MySQL Expo now and hope to do a little better job about blogging that as it’s going on. The morning has already been interesting.


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