OSBC: The Future of Open Source & The Future of Operating Systems

…were the two panels I chose to attend this afternoon. The Future of Open Source included reps from Ingres, MySQL AB, SugarCRM, Ubuntu and Acquia. It was standing room only and as such it was a bit difficult for me to take notes (the iPhone is really poor for this, another place I miss my Treo). A bunch of interesting topics were covered in this and it really got me thinking about where Open Source is going. While commercial Open Source was the main focus, it got me thinking about some non-commercial aspects as well. This panel included some audience participation via text message based live polls.

When you get reps from Intel, Sun, Novell and Vmware talking about the future of Operating Systems, you know it’s going to get interesting. The panel did not disappoint. It was interesting to hear the different perspectives these companies had, although representatives from companies like Google/Amazon would have added another perspective that was probably under-represented (although certainly discussed). One thing that I think is clear is that there are a number of possible futures for the Operating System space, and a lot is going to come down to implementation, timing and probably a bit of luck. Virtualization is going to be somewhere, but whether that is in the CPU/BIOS/firmware, in the operating system itself or as now as a distinct layer remains to be seen.

There seems to be a bit more energy in the hallways this year and a lot of inter-vendor discussion is definitely happening. More after lunch…


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