SCALE 6X Follow up

(photos courtesy of John Stanforth via Flickr)

I’m back from SCALE 6X and finally just about caught up. SCALE was once again an outstanding time, Ilan and the entire crew put on a great expo. The speaking lineup was interesting/informative, the networking events were good, the network was stable, the expo floor was lively and I even made it out of the hotel this year. SCALE is definitely something I plan on making a year trip. Next year I may bring a recording device that Ted introduced me to, and put the content on LQ Radio. I ended up running the Open Source Jobs BOF on Saturday and was quite surprised to see that nearly the entire room was employers looking to hire. The few people who were looking for jobs had many to choose from. While there is a job slowdown right now in many markets, it doesn’t appear that Open Source is one of them. I was also able to participate in the “Weakest Geek” competition on Saturday night, along with Jono, Ken, Ted, Anthony and Don. The really smart people were the first to go, and in the end it came down to Jono and myself ;) It was fun and hopefully the crowd enjoyed it.

Attending SCALE really makes me want to consider doing something similar here in New York, but I’m not sure that I have the time to do it right. There just aren’t enough quality shows here on the east coast. It’s an idea I’ll have to toss around a bit more.


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