Apple Support

Did you know that if you walk into an Apple store with a broken iPhone, in this case a roughly one inch horizontal band on the touch screen that doesn’t register anything, they actually tell you to make an appointment and come back another time? I don’t mean walk around the mall and grab something to eat another time, I mean a different day. When I asked the rep if he thought this was good customer service, he just shrugged and said that’s the way it is. As regular readers know, I already wasn’t that happy of an iPhone owner. This just puts me over the top. I’m now counting the days until I can order the OpenMoko Neo1973 GTA02. I was seriously considering getting a new MacBook Pro over the next couple weeks. No way that will happen now. Are my expectations too high?


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  2. jeremy says:

    Thanks for the feedback. I guess part of the issue is my overall frustration with the phone. As for what I was expecting – I was expecting it to be similar to the exact same situation with anything other cell phone. If I had brought a different phone with a similar issue into an AT&T store, they would have replaced it on the spot. I’ve had similar experiences with Sprint and Verizon as well. The iPhone changed the mobile industry, which I am grateful for… but I’ll be sticking with my ThinkPad for now. I guess anything is possible down the road.


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