SCO, Linux and Rob Enderle: A Conclusion

Rob Enderle has posted a final analysis of his involvement in the SCO fiasco. Unlike Dan Lyons, he’s not apologizing. Let me first say that I think anyone sending death threats is absolutely deplorable. He never goes into details about specifics, but if it did indeed happen (and I have no reason to think he’s lying) then I can see why he was upset. However, using the asinine behavior of a single person to paint the Open Source community as “criminals” and then assuming that since they are criminals that SCOX must have a case is not only disingenuous, but seems a bit unprofessional for an analyst. I’m sure Rob is not a bad guy. What he writes in the linked article seems very genuine and I do thank him for that. Hopefully any analysis he does on Open Source or Linux moving forward can be based on facts and data. Hopefully then we can all get along.


One Response to SCO, Linux and Rob Enderle: A Conclusion

  1. fuzzywzhe says:

    What makes you think Enderle ever received any death threats? This clown has made plenty of claims, but like SCO, he’s loathe to ever produce evidence. Given Enderle’s history of credibility it’s reasonable to take anything he says with a grain of salt.

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