Is Embedded Linux on the decline?

Embedded Systems Design just released its annual embedded market study, and it contains some information about Linux. Embedded Linux is something that I’ve been following lately, and LQ just added an Embedded Linux Forum. The report shows that companies “not interested in using Linux” is on the rise. Part of this is due to the fact that companies are getting realistic about embedded Linux. Some were drawn in by the gratis aspect of Linux, and are realizing it’s not a 100% free ride (nor should it be). It may not be as bad as the chart indicates though. As more companies integrate Linux into their plans, the ones left are the ones either heavily invested in something else, just simply not interested in Linux or way on the late adopter side of the curve. As something gains in popularity, it makes sense that the last people left are the least likely to adopt it. That doesn’t mean that adoption is not up, or that the ones who are adopting Linux aren’t happy with it… which is one of the most important measures to me. It’s clear that embedded Linux has a very bright future. I’m glad the hype is starting to wear off. This means the expectations will be realistic and the companies that do adopt will be much more likely to be happy.



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