Lenovo X61 – Update

A quick update to this post. As of Tribe 5, both audio and wifi work flawlessly in the default configuration. With the manual installation of ThinkFinger for the biometric thumb scanner, absolutely everything on the machine is working as expected. I’m really liking the form factor of this laptop, it’s going to be great for conferences and travel.


3 Responses to Lenovo X61 – Update

  1. ggreenaway says:

    Did you opt for the 8-cell battery? Does it really have a 10 hours charge time?

  2. jeremy says:

    I did opt for the 8-cell battery, but it’s been plugged in for most of the time I’ve used it since I got it.


  3. I just picked up an X61 and love it. Ubuntu 7.04 feisty when on easily, but not all of the hardware is working perfectly. I caught your post and downloaded Gutsy Tribe 5 and tried to install it.

    It hangs after the X server loads. So I end up looking at a blank desktop with a mouse pointer I can move around. That’s all. Any tips? Thanks.


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