More OSCON licensing announcements

(I briefly mentioned these in a previous post, but here’s a bit more detail. As I catch up on things that happened while I was at OSCON, you’ll likely see more frequent posts that are a bit more terse than usual.)

Microsoft wasn’t the only one to make a licesning announcement at OSCON.

First, SugarCRM announced that the next version will be licensed under the GPLv3. This has been a long time coming and Sugar has gotten a lot of criticism in the past for not being “Open” enough. Kudos to them for burning the boats.

Next, the Common Public Attribution License (CPAL) that Socialtext submitted was approved by the OSI. For those of you unfamiliar with the CPAL, it’s an attribution license. It was interesting to hear Ross talk about the approval process and all that was learned along the way. The license went though a number of iterations, and in fact started out as a vanity license. To me, that’s an indication that the OSI approval process is doing what it was indented to do. How it will handle the recent Microsoft submissions will offer a fascinating insight into that process, as I’m sure it will be scrutinized even more than normal.


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