OSCON Opening Keynote

As usual, the opening OSCON keynote was extremely interesting. Tim talked about which Open Source is on the Radar. There was a lot of talk about parallelism (Intel) and concurrent programming (Microsoft). Tim also interviewed Mark Shuttleworth. I had planned on live blogging the event, which contained a bunch of great quotes and facts. Why didn’t I? My laptop has broken. Badly. Every once and a while (and especially if not firmly planted on a flat surface) the display just goes blank. Once it happens, the only fix is to shut the machine off, fiddle with the lid for a while and then restart. It’s going to be a real pain and I’m going to have to get a new laptop ASAP. This one is a bit old anyway. One tidbit from the keynote that is laptop related. After Intel released powertop, they got a ton of info from the community and as a result were able to increase battery life by almost an hour. Linux now has the most efficient power consumption of any OS on the Intel platform. Awesome.


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