Intel Launches Mobile Linux Project

The mobile Linux space continues to heat up (recent coverage). Now, Intel has jumped into the fray with the Mobile & Internet Linux Project. From the about page: hosts the Mobile & Internet Linux* Project which is an umbrella, open source project focused on the development of Linux for Intel-based devices. To this purpose, will host various projects that will provide key elements of community-based projects such as Ubuntu’s Mobile and Embedded Edition*, and Red Flag’s MIDINUX*, targeted for such devices. We also intend to be an incubator for prototyping new ideas and projects targeting these types of devices, such as the Intel-based Mobile Internet Device (MID) and various consumer electronic devices.

Looking at the projects page I was happy to see that the UI Framework is actually Hildon, which runs on the N800 and was released as Open Source by Nokia as part of maemo. Other projects will be contributing directly to upstream Open Source projects. Awesome.


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