Feature upgrade release to the Internet Tablet OS 2007 edition

With all the iPhone hype, it’s easy for other gadgets to fall out of mind. The N800 is still a very cool device, however, and does quite a bit that the iPhone just doesn’t do (and never will). Oh, and it’s a mostly open platform. The latest firmware has just been released and contains some really nice features:

* Skype client support
* Adobe Flash 9 browser plug-in
* Up to 8GB memory card support
* better touch screen sensitiveness
* better battery life
* New pre-installed content
* Tableteer applet
* and more! (there’s a comprehensive roundup here)

It’s great to see that Nokia continues to add features and improve the device. The N800 is hands down one of the most useful (and slickest) devices I’ve ever owned. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to upgrade the firmware today. Previous upgrades have gone very smooth and it’s great that there is an official Linux installer.


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