Hello MediaTemple (mt)?

My apologies to all blog readers for the recent performance issues. This site is currently hosted by a MediaTemple (gs) GridServer account. The performance has been nothing short of horrific. It’s a shame – (mt) clearly has some really smart people and the (gs) product looks really compelling from a technical standpoint. I like the idea of having my blog off the main LQ infrastructure for a variety of reasons, including the fact that if there is a problem with the main LQ colo I can post updates to my blog. With the state of the current setup, some blog posts have been taking literally hours and dozens of attempts to post. In the last two days, multiple posts have simply been completely lost. A simple ‘ls’ sometimes takes 10-15 seconds. I’d highly suggest to (mt) that they stop accepting new customers until they can fix the current issues, but in the mean time I’ll be looking for a different provider. Thanks for sticking with me in the mean time.

UPDATE: MediaTemple has been beta testing a new storage model that they think will vastly improve performance. They’ve been kind enough to offer to move me to that ASAP. Maybe I won’t have to move the blog after all. Stay tuned. BTW, kudos to (mt) for having a sysadmin start answering my tickets as opposed to a Customer Support Agent.


2 Responses to Hello MediaTemple (mt)?

  1. gb says:

    Did you get your performance problems fixed? Had they gone on for a long time? This page loaded quickly for me.

    A friend recommended Media Temple to host my photographer wife’s Flash-based site. While the technology sounds cool, it also sounds like they are still working through issues.



  2. jeremy says:


    A sys admin has been working with me on the issue and performance has improved. They are working on a new storage model which should improve things for everyone.


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