Ubuntu Live and CrossOver Linux Discounts

Would you like to attend the upcoming Ubuntu Live Conference? As a media sponsor, I’m happy to announce that LQ can over you a 35% discount. Simply used the code ubu07ucm when registering and the discount will be automatically applied. I’m looking forward to attending Ubuntu Live (and OSCON, which starts the very next day).

While on the topic of discounts, the recent LQ CrossOver promotion has been so successful that I’d like to extend it another 10 days. Until June 10th you can get 20% any CrossOver Linux product by making your purchase here and using LQCO20 as a discount code.


2 Responses to Ubuntu Live and CrossOver Linux Discounts

  1. Yes well that still won’t drop the price (Ubuntu Live) to something that most of it’s users can afford. :)

    If you can get me the full deal for $200.00. I figure I can afford another $300 for airfare and hotel… :)

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