The Nokia N800

After a long series of delays I am still in the airport waiting to fly home. They hope I'll be able to make it home tonight by about 2:30AM, but there are no guarantees. JFK is a huge mess. On to more interesting news, at the LinuxWorld OpenSolutions Summit Nokia was kind enough to lend an N800 to any speaker or media person who was interested in one. I gladly took advantage of the opportunity. For those of you who have seen the 770, this is an updated model. The end result of the demo? I walked to the Nokia Flagship Store on 57th and bought my own ;) The device is extremely slick and is 100% Linux based. In talking with a Nokia rep, over 90% of the stack is fully Open Sourced. That's the kind of products you just have to support. The network support in the device is quite good and it supports both WIFI and Bluetooth DUN via my Treo. This will allow me to leave my laptop home for short trips (I hope). The device has a ton of polish too. Touch a text input field with the stylist and a small touchscreen keyboard pops up. Touch it with your finger and a much larger touchscreen keyboard pops up. Those small niceties are all over the device. I'll likely post more as I really get into using it, but so far I am very impressed.

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