LinuxWorld OpenSolutions Summit Wrap-up

The Summit is now officially over. All and all a good show. The 'Ask the Experts' panel was the first unconference like event held at a LinuxWorld and based on this one they will likely move forward with future ones, which I was glad to hear. We tried a more conversational approach today and I think it worked much better. There is even some talk of remote video questions being an option in the future. I once again meet a bunch of great people and of course got to catch up with some people I haven't seen in a while. Chatted with Evan Prodromou about OpenID and MediaWiki for a while and I'm happy to announce we'll be rolling that out in the very near future. While not on the Ask the Experts panel I was able to attend a couple sessions. While some were not quite as technical as an expo like SCALE, the content was still very good. Microsoft threw a reception last night at the top of the hotel which was fairly well attended. The 49th floor rotates and has an amazing view of the city. Afterward I grabbed some dinner with a group that contained only one non-Jeremy (what are the odds on that ;) I think Jeremy White was kind enough to offer Don Marti temporary honorary Jeremy status. I definitely look forward to participating in this unconference style event anywhere they plan on offering it in the future. Thanks for having me Don.

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