MySQL Stats

I just logged into the LQ MySQL server to get some statistics. I have a couple ideas for some optimizations and wanted to get a baseline on things. I fired up mytop and got the following:
Queries Total: 1,033,746,636 Avg/Sec: 112.80 Now/Sec: 119.93 Slow: 667
Cache Hits : 478,453,845 Avg/Sec: 52.21 Now/Sec: 56.15 Ratio: 46.28%

Not too shabby – one billion queries since the last MySQL restart. Almost all of the “Slow” queries are either me doing maintenance (some of which just simply use long queries) or queries going on during our snapshots (which I plan to move to the slave soon). I think we have a good handle on the current LQ growth, which continues to be fantastic. Performance is important, but we're also adding some interesting features in the near future. Stay tuned.

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